14 000 citizens called for the release of an ambitious EU Nature Restoration Law NOW.

On 23 March, the European Commission was expected to present a proposal for a new EU law for nature restoration law. But under pressure from vested interests, the law was delayed.

The Commission has promised to propose a new law to make nature restoration legally binding for EU countries. We must hold them accountable to this promise. Europe needs this law - it cannot be postponed any longer. 

In less than a week, more than 14 000 people from across the EU sent letters to the European Commissioners asking them to publish the proposal without delay. The Commission announced it will now publish the proposal on 23 June.


The fight is not over. We will continue to mobilise to ensure policy-makers publish an ambitious proposal. Your support can make all the difference - join the #RestoreNature movement and show your support by moving for nature!

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