Our fight to #RestoreNature continues!


The EU Nature Restoration Law is a historic opportunity to bring nature back to Europe. The law will set legally-binding targets to restore degraded ecosystems. It is our best chance at curbing the biodiversity and climate crises and securing a safer and healthier future for European citizens. 


It has been almost four years since we started advocating for this much-needed law. In June and July 2023, both the European Parliament and the Council backed the Nature Restoration Law. This decision to prioritise Europe’s future was made despite an unprecedented attack and disinformation campaign led by conservative and right-wing politicians.


We are very close to having the law but our fight is not over! The law to restore nature has survived but it has been seriously weakened in the process. The opposition proved that they would go to great lengths to deny European citizens a first law to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises simultaneously. We can’t let them do that! 


Our goal is to ensure the final adoption of the Nature Restoration Law. Now, more than ever, Europe desperately needs a strong law to save its citizens and nature. 


Below, you can see the letter we sent to all the Members of the European Parliament and Ministers of Environment across the EU before the crucial votes.