Our policy work

We are calling on the European Parliament and Member States in the Council to adopt the proposed Nature Restoration Law without delay and strengthen it where needed to tackle the current biodiversity and climate crises. European decision-makers need to listen to science and respond to the calls of businesses and civil society across Europe that want nature to come back.  

Our work includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Engaging with key policy people at the EU level and supporting our partners to engage with their national decision-makers on the Nature Restoration Law   

  • Building coalitions with NGOs at eh EU and the national levels to join forces for our advocacy and communication work 

  • Developing briefing papers, fact sheets, position papers, studies on topics relevant to the Nature Restoration Law

  • Organising webinars to present and discuss the Nature Restoration Law with key stakeholders for awareness raising and promoting our position 

Selection of papers


Our work with businesses 

The private sector is increasingly aware of the risks that degraded nature plays and the inevitable policy response by governments to limit and reverse the climate and biodiversity crises. Many are already taking direct action within their supply chains, but more is needed. The EU’s Nature Restoration Law offers a critical moment for businesses to showcase their support for nature restoration. We are working to make the business case for nature restoration and raise the voice of progressive business advocates and encourage the private sector to send a clear signal of support for high levels of ambition under the law.